asp.netPRO magazine is doing their the 2008 Readers Choice Awards right now and we need your help!

Please vote now for TestComplete, AQtime and AQdevTeam. The multiple choice survey just takes a minute. The ballot has several pages and the product lists are long so it's much quicker if you use Ctrl-F to search for "automatedqa" to find the AutomatedQA products. AQA products start on page 5 of the ballot, so you can skip pages 1-4 if you just want to vote for AutomatedQA. To skip a page, just scroll down and press 'Continue' to go to the next ballot page.
TestComplete is up for Best Testing Tool. AQtime is up for Best Utility, and AQdevTeam is up for Best Project Management.

Thanks so much for your support!
Click here to vote now for AutomatedQA!