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    Is Test Complete the right tool?

    Hello all,

    I'm pretty new to the automated testing world and my company is moving into that realm. I've been given the job to find the right tool for our company. So far, it seems that Test Complete from Automated QA is my best solution, but I would really appreciate any advice given. Below are my requirements that I made by visiting a post on this site:

    Ease of installation, client & server components
    -Since I donít have much experience with the installation of these tools, I think we need it to be pretty straight forward with plenty of support/help files.

    -Easy to maintain automated tests with a central repository
    If we donít have a central repository, it will be hard to keep track of all the tests weíve written.

    Web based interface for test execution, report viewing, tool administration
    -This would help a great deal, especially since we arenít always local to each other.

    Fully customizable toolbars to reflect any commonly used tool capabilities

    Fully customized editor with formats and colors for better readability

    Tool support for required test procedure naming convention

    Tools support 64-bit architectures
    -Iím just thinking of the future hereÖ Soon all apps will be 64-bit

    Browser support: all versions of Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox
    -This is a MUST

    Cross-usability of browser testing scripts (i.e. same test script works for IE, NS, Firefox)
    -This would help a great deal on our ROI. Since we wouldnít have to write 3 or more scripts for each test.

    Technology support for Mainframe applications: COBOL/DB2, TSO-JCL

    Technology support for Packaged Applications: PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials Packages

    Technology support for Client Server Applications: MFC (C/C++), Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Terminal Emulator, VC++, C++, C, "Shell" scripts on Windows/Unix

    Technology support for N-Tier Applications: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, XML, VXML, Java applications and applets, MFC (C/C++), .NET, TSO-JCL, Genesis VRU platform, JCA, JMS, COM, DCOM
    -No explanation needed here, if it canít support HTML, we canít use it

    Test editor/debugger feature

    Test scripting language non-proprietary (Java, C, C++, etc)

    Test scripting language flexible yet robust; allows for modular script development

    Scripting language allows for variable declaration and use and for parameters to be passed between functions

    A test script compiler

    Interactive test script debugging: allows viewing variable values, steps through the code, integrates test procedures, or jumps to other external procedures

    Allows for data-driven testing
    -We have to be able to run tests based on data

    Allows for automatic data generation
    -This is something weíve found very useful in the past. We need to be able to generate random numbers/dates/etcÖ

    Allows for adding timers for timing transaction start and end
    -This is a key feature for reportingÖ

    Allows for adding comments during recording
    -The importance of commenting!

    Allows for verification of object properties
    -Without this, testing for errors/problems would be very difficult

    Allows for object data extraction and verification
    -Same as above

    Allows for database verification
    -As Iíve been looking more into automated testing, it seems that database integrity is a key portion of testing. I know weíve experienced this issue several times with manual testing and it would be nice to have.

    Allows for text (alphanumeric) verification
    -Without this, testing for errors/problems in copy would be very difficult/impossible

    Allows for wrappers (shells) whereby multiple procedures can be linked and called from one procedure

    Allows for automatic data retrieval from any data source-RDBMS, legacy system, spreadsheet for data-driven testing

    Allows for use of common spreadsheet for data-driven testing
    -This isnít a must, but it is a very nice feature to have and it would be very easy to pass the data amongst ourselves.

    Ease of execution of the script when application changes
    -If old scripts canít run in new versions, we are looking at a huge loss of time and money.

    Ability to kick off scripts at a specified time; scripts can be scheduled and run unattended
    -This would be an awesome feature that we can use every time there is a new build/patch. We can also test at specific times/dates when we normally canít (Sat/Sun). Also, if the scripts canít run unattended, we are tied down.

    Provides ability to schedule test runs based on dates and time, or logic between tests
    -Same as above

    Stateless playback: Application does not have to be in a preset state before script playback
    -If we are looking for the scripts to run unattended, then this is a key feature.

    Provides centralized execution and control of scheduled test execution

    Provides ability for distributed test control, synchronization, execution for functional and non-functional test

    Test results analysis: automatic creation of test results logs and reports
    -Iíve read that this can be done by some apps and think we could really use this in the future.

    Supports industry standards in testing process (SEI/CMM, ATLM, ISO)

    Test plans can be imported automatically into test management repository from standard text files

    Tool can be customized to organizationís test process
    -Another key featureÖ We have to make sure the tool is specific to our needs.

    Supports manual testing
    -Most tools support this behavior during recording. This also kills two birds with one stone so to speak.

    Supports the migration from manual to automated scripts
    -Most tools support thisÖ

    Allows for measuring test progress in the execution of a test run
    -Without this, reporting would not be complete/adequate

    Allows for various reporting activities
    Same as above

    Allows for tracking of manual and automated test cases
    This is going back to a central repository.
    -This is essential and will save us a lot of time.

    Also, my budget will be around $1,000.00 for this application. I will also be asking the vendor for this information. Lastly, is it worth it to get training for the application?

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    Re: Is Test Complete the right tool?

    Sounds like you've done your research and such. The question is, did you do similar evaluation on other tools?

    Personally, TestComplete is the tool for me (otherwise I wouldn't be moderating this forum) but ultimately the decision is yours, using criteria you just expressed.

    As for training, unequivocally, completely, and most assuredly YES! This is a feature rich tool. And their documentation is very good and helpful. But sometimes you need that extra little bit that comes from training to help you see more clearly the best practices. I went to the first TestComplete Summit in Vegas a few years back and it was very informative and helpful. In addition, I got to network with other users and compare notes on how to do things.

    So, once you make your decision, if you choose TC, definitely get the training. You'll be glad for it.
    -Robert Martin
    Automated Testing Evangelists
    TestComplete "expert"
    Definition expert - noun - Unknown drip under pressure

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    Re: Is Test Complete the right tool?

    Thanks Robert...

    I have not really looked at any other tools, but based on the forums it seemed like TC was the right choice. Get ready for questions from me in the future!



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