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    Shud master and slave have same version


    I was trying network suite, It was taking lot of time for "Initializing" and "Synchronization" but it never started "Run". Even though verification was successful (when manually done).

    Scenario 1:

    For the first time I was trying with Master having TC 5. and Slave having TC 6.0 it failed.

    Scenario 2:
    For the second time Master was TC 6.0 and Slave was TC 6.11.

    Both scenario it failed.

    Now I'm having both same it is working fine.

    Is it Un Natural to have different versions while working on Networksuite?

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    Re: Shud master and slave have same version

    Simple answer Yes! For sure same major release version. Although I also had numous problems with mismatching minor release versions.

    Also in the later versions of 5 had fixes to the Networksuite so they must match up for it to work correctly.
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    Re: Shud master and slave have same version

    Thank you David.



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