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    Running Java Command Through TestComplete

    Can somebody update me how can i run this command within test complete
    "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\jar" uf %TLMCONTROL_HOME%\engine\tcengine.war WEB-INF/lib/JavaCodeStepFundLookup.jar"

    Previously i was using a batch file to do this operation......can there be an alternative within testcomplete to execute this command without the overhead of an bat file.

    Test 2 Break!!!!

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    Re: Running Java Command Through TestComplete

    Hi Tahir,

    You can use the following script to execute a command line from TestComplete:

    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>//JScript
    var WshShellObj = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
    var CmdLine = WshShellObj.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("\"%JAVA_HOME %\bin\jar\" uf %TLMCONTROL_HOME%\engine\tcengine.war WEB-INF/lib/JavaCodeStepFundLookup.jar");
    var WshShellExecObj = WshShellObj.Exec(CmdLine);
    </pre><hr />

    You can find more information here.
    Jared - AQA Support



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