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    Information on Load Test errors

    Does anyone know how to get more information on the errors returned during a load test? All I can find is: Request #4 of connection #1 of the virtual user VUser_1 completed with warnings". I'm wondering what the warning returned was but I can't find it in the logs. Is there something I can/need to do to capture it?

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    Re: Information on Load Test errors

    A warning essentially means that the response received from the web site does not match the response originally recorded with the request. What you'll need to do is open the specific detail for the user in the log and take a look at what was received.
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    Re: Information on Load Test errors


    Thanks for your reply. I don't see anywhere in the logs that says what was received. Can you be more specific? I'm also wondering about the Error messages that say things like "Connection 1 of the task assigned to the virtual user VUser_4 was simulated partially. Only 1 of 4 requests were completed." What Items completed? What items didn't and why? Again, I suppose that if I can see what was recieved I would know which ones failed but I don't know that I would know why? Any further insight you or anyone else can offer would be appreciated.


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    Re: Information on Load Test errors

    Under Tools | Options | Engines | HTTP Load Testing there is an option for "Store request details". If that option is not set, all you will get is basic header information.

    I'm not sure where in the log you are looking however, if you're on the logging tab, at the bottom of the screen is another tab that says Load Testing Log. I'm guessing that you currently have selected the "Default Log" tab at the bottom which is where you're seeing your messages.

    If you select Load Testing Log, you'll see a much more detailed break down of requests, virtual users, responses, and individual results. Take a look at the screen shot I've uploaded for an example.

    Please reference the help topic "Analyzing Load Testing Results" in TC Help for more information on the type of data visible there.
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