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    TC v 5

    Hi All,
    Just now we got TC v 5 in our office, it is creating too many doubts and problems to me!!
    When i try to record script in c# script, It doesnt record mouse click.
    Eg: If i have notepad shortcut icon on desktop, If i want to record the double click of the notepad and enter few characters.
    The double click will not record, The recorded script starts from
    p = Sys["Process"]("explorer");
    w = p["Window"]("Progman", "Program Manager");
    I am unable to execute...
    Which project items should be selected while creating the project.
    Please help

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    Re: TC v 5


    TestComplete should record all user actions. No special configuration is needed for this.
    After you click Record, wait several seconds before performing the first action.
    Let me know if this solves the problem.
    Alex - SmartBear Support

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    Re: TC v 5

    Does anybody know when the new version of TC5 will be available?

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    Re: TC v 5

    Hi Alex
    THanks for the reply
    but, i tried that way too, it doesnt work
    if u get solution, please reply

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    Re: TC v 5

    Hello Skandashree,

    Please post the complete script that is recorded when you run Notepad by double-clicking on the Desktop here.
    BTW, what version of Windows are working with?
    Alex - SmartBear Support

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    Re: TC v 5

    Hello Wizzard,

    The next TestComplete 5 update should be available within a week or so.
    Alex - SmartBear Support

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    Re: TC v 5

    Hi Alex,
    surprisingly today while i tried to record the script i was able to record double click, it was not possible few days back.
    i really dont know what was the reason
    it used to start record from the script after opening the notepad.
    i didnt change any settings,
    if in case i comeacross the same problem i will mail it
    thanks very much.



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