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    Recording tool in TestComlete

    I am using the trial version, and when using the recording tool to record script, is there a way to playback and see what its doing rather than it just run the script?

    ALSO... is there a way to auto-increment numbers?

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    Re: Recording tool in TestComlete

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "Playback and see what its doing" and how that differs from running the script.

    As for auto-increment, again, that's normal basic operation. First test you record is Test1. Second test is test2 and so on.

    Could you describe a bit better what you're seeing?
    -Robert Martin
    Automated Testing Evangelists
    TestComplete "expert"
    Definition expert - noun - Unknown drip under pressure

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    Re: Recording tool in TestComlete

    Sorry. I am seeing the cscript it ran, I was hoping to see the visual playback as well. I wanted to verify both aspects.

    Does that make more sense?

    Its been a longggg day so I apologized this statement isn't packaged a bit better.

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    Re: Recording tool in TestComlete

    Hrm... what are you recording that you're not seeing the visual playback? If you're recording over a GUI and such, that GUI should playback.

    Or are you recording HTTP Tasks for load testing? If that's the case, then no, you won't see a visual playback.

    Could you paste your code that you recorded up here?
    -Robert Martin
    Automated Testing Evangelists
    TestComplete "expert"
    Definition expert - noun - Unknown drip under pressure

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    Re: Recording tool in TestComlete

    Nope I am recording over a GUI. It shows the scripts through and no errors but I do not see playback.. so my concern is somethng isnt working correctly. Which seems to prove true.

    Unfortunately they don't seem to offer phone support, and it is hard to discuss everything in email support (not to mention it takes some time for them to get back to you).

    Yes I will paste it. Let me get my act together this morning.


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    Re: Recording tool in TestComlete

    Alright I removed our software from TestComplete and decided to attempt getting it running in the simplest fashion possible to be sure I am doing it accurately before using our software. So I recorded a script for mspaint.exe, and it still is not showing me a visual playback. The script is:

    function Main()
    // Enter your code here.
    Log["Error"]("Exception", exception["description"]);

    function Test1()
    var p1;
    var w1;
    var w2;
    var w3;
    var w4;
    var w5;
    var w6;
    var w7;
    p1 = Sys["Process"]("mspaint");
    w1 = p1["Window"]("MSPaintApp", "*");
    w2 = w1["Window"]("AfxControlBar42u", "Tools")["Window"]("AfxWnd42u", "Tools");
    w2["Click"](19, 164);
    w3 = w1["Window"]("AfxControlBar42u", "Colors")["Window"]("AfxWnd42u", "Colors");
    w3["Click"](35, 13);
    w4 = w1["Window"]("AfxFrameOrView42u")["Window"]("Afx:1000000:8");
    w4["HScroll"]["Pos"] = 0;
    w4["VScroll"]["Pos"] = 0;
    w4["Drag"](223, 173, 789, 520);
    w2["Click"](43, 42);
    w3["Click"](165, 30);
    w4["Click"](415, 479);
    w2["Click"](11, 137);
    w2["Click"](32, 257);
    w3["Click"](155, 17);
    w4["Drag"](478, 549, 120, -262);
    w4["Drag"](598, 287, 265, 337);
    w4["Drag"](863, 624, -478, 14);
    w4["Drag"](385, 636, -22, -205);
    w4["Drag"](363, 431, 115, 117);
    w2["Click"](49, 35);
    w4["Click"](607, 577);
    w2["Click"](44, 188);
    w3["Click"](203, 17);
    w4["Drag"](348, 417, 20, 18);
    w4["Drag"](592, 270, 17, 18);
    w4["Drag"](885, 616, -23, 20);
    w2["Click"](39, 115);
    w4["Drag"](334, 202, 637, 50);
    w1 = w4["Window"]("AfxWnd42u");
    w5 = w1["Window"]("Edit");
    w6 = p1["Window"]("Afx:1000000:8*", "Fonts")["Window"]("#32770");
    w7 = w6["Window"]("ComboBox", "", 2);
    w7["Window"]("Edit")["Keys"]("ABSTRACT PRINCESS[Enter]");
    w5["Click"](252, 45);
    w6["Window"]("ComboBox", "", 1)["ClickItem"]("Arial Black");
    w5["Click"](76, 24);
    w5["Keys"]("Abstract Princess");
    w1["Drag"](321, 54, -1, 15);
    w4["Click"](853, 319);
    w2["Click"](45, 42);
    w3["Click"](169, 35);
    w4["Click"](853, 220);
    w2["Click"](38, 86);
    w3["Click"](34, 14);
    w4["Drag"](350, 83, 281, -6);
    w4["Drag"](385, 148, 324, -25);
    w4["Drag"](700, 20, 37, 61);
    w4["Drag"](765, 115, 1, 8);

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    Re: Recording tool in TestComlete


    I guess you are trying to execute the whole project/project suite or the Script item of the project. In this case, only the Main routine will be started, and the Test1 routine will not since it is not called from the Main routine.
    So, you need to either add a call to the Test1 routine to the Main routine or execute Test1 from the code editor (right-click within the Test1 routine and select the 'Run Current Routine' context menu item).
    Best regards,
    David - SmartBear Support

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    Re: Recording tool in TestComlete

    With regards to David - AQA comment.. can you please tell how to call Test1 from the Main Routine?

    Suppose i am having 2 scripts under one project
    1) Login_Script having one function Test1()
    2) Main_Script which is a main routine

    I want to call script1 under main script

    I wrote in Main_Script which is my main routine

    Call Login_Script.Test1()

    But it didnt worked..any clue?

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    Re: Recording tool in TestComlete

    Hi Mehz,

    Did you include the Login_Script unit to the Main_Script unit by using the USEUNIT statement? Please see the "Calling Routines and Variables Declared in Another Unit" help topic for information on how to do this.
    Best regards,
    David - SmartBear Support

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    Re: Recording tool in TestComlete

    Hi David,

    I was not aware about this USEUNIT statement as I am new to Test Complete and also to automation testing.

    But as per yr advice i used the USEUNIT Stmt and also from the help topic RunnerObj.CallMethod function and created new script unit2 with function abc in it calling another script "test" and its function "test1"

    But when run it says error in RunnerObj.CallMethod any clue

    'USEUNIT test

    Sub abc()

    End Sub

    Thanks for yr quick reply


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