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    I am using Delphi scripting, In my application there is a "TGroupBox" inside which conations "TfcLabel" with "TfcShapeBtn". Once i click on the "TfcShapeBtn" button it will pop up the drop down window whose name is "TfrmSelect" inside which conatins list of Items in "TDBGrid". I need to select each item of the from the list by using "Up" and "Down" keys. whenever i click on "TfcShapeBtn" the it will popup the dropdown window each time by different name(i.e 1: Sys.Process 'xxxxx').frmSelect_1, 2: Sys.Process 'xxxxx').frmSelect_2) how to select the list item please help regarding this.

    Note: The application is not complied eith TD32 debugger information i need to select with out that support.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: TDBGrid

    Hello Tester10,

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    whenever i click on "TfcShapeBtn" the it will popup the dropdown window each time by different name

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    The index appears after the object name because there are several controls with the same name in the application.
    It may be an issue in the tested application - it does not destroy the first object after it is hidden and creates a new one every time.
    I recommend that you pay attention to this behavior.

    To find out which of the controls - the first or the second one - is the one you need to interact with, please try checking their VisibleOnScreen property. It will be True only for the object which is currently visible.

    To learn how to work with the TDBGrid control, please refer to the "Working With Borland TDBGrid - Overview" and related help topics.

    You can also find some useful blog posts about TDBGrid and other controls in our blog at:
    Alex - SmartBear Support



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