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    Regarding Object Properties

    Hi All,

    I am facing a problem regarding object properties.I am clicking on a systree and its object property was 6.Code for it was

    Set p = Sys.Process("javaw")
    Set w = p.Window("SWT_Window0", "BridgeGate Client [Account: objectinnovation] User: [daffodildb]")
    Call w.Window("SysTreeView32", "", 6).ClickR(-1, -1)
    Call w.PopupMenu.Click("New Get Data")

    Now if run the same scipts after closing my application then its object property was 7.

    What should i do to resolve this problem that it click on proper button or under sys tree.

    Also I tried to resolve this problem by this command but it gives error on it.Line was

    Call w.Window("SysTreeView32", "", -1).Click("push_button")

    "When I checked through object properties then it was showing name of button as push button."

    Thanx in advance



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    Re: Regarding Object Properties

    Hello Jangra,

    Please see our reply here:

    Best regards,
    David - SmartBear Support



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