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    Open and Closed Application


    can u please give me answers for the following?

    1. what are the difference between Open and closed application?
    2. why we need open and closed application in TestComplete?
    3. how can we conver closed application to an open application?
    4. Is that nessasary to convert any application as an open application?
    5. which Environment type of application will be closed and open application?
    (by default is .Net application is Open application? and Delphi application is Closed application?)

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    Re: Open and Closed Application


    Please take a look at the following post:

    .NET applications are Open by default while Delphi applications are not.

    Please see the 'Open Applications' and 'White-Box Testing' help topics for detailed information (i.e. how to compile an application as Open in a specific IDE).
    Alex - SmartBear Support



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