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    setup a QA automation tool - Test Complete

    hello all,
    I am getting an opportunity to work using TestComplete.To be frank, I am new to this TestComplete. I have no idea of it.I am trying get more info thro' their website.I have some questions. these might look silly to most of them but I really appreciate the answers. My question are:
    1. how to setup QA automation - TestComplete
    2. if i get a applicatin/website how to procede?
    3. how differ this from winrunner or silk test tool?


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    Re: setup a QA automation tool - Test Complete

    Hello Smitha,

    Please refer to the Getting Started with TestComplete document which is shipped with the tool. There you will find all necessary information to start working with the tool. The document resides in the <TestComplete 5>\Help\ folder.
    Irene - SmartBear Support



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