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    Question on TC4 Project Suite

    I have a question on how to implement the new structure of Project Suite in TC4. Our QA department is expanding on the head count of automation developers currently. Therefore, we would like to distribute the development workload of a single test project script amount several persons.

    As we already have a database of manual test document library, we would like to develop our automation test script based on the existing testcases.

    The plan we can think of is as follow:

    Test topic written in our tescase document will be used as the title of Project Suite(.pjs). This will contain a few test script projects(.mds) for controling the functionality of tested applications. A Main Project script(.mds) is used to describe the detail testing steps as is testcase document. It will control the functionality scripts as mention above. Our aim is to allocate each developer to handle a portion of the development, so that they can work independently and managed by CVS server.

    Project suite and testcase script can be auto generated using a keyword authoring tools in the future. Our automation developers will only required to maintain on the library of control script for individual tested applications.

    We have bought a copy of TC4 and tried out this structure.
    What we encountered is the Main Project script cannot call functions on another project script.

    We would like to know is this the correct implementation in TC4? Is there any changes in our process need to be modified? [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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    Re: Question on TC4 Project Suite

    Perhaps I misunderstand your question, but would it work for you to just share the unit between the two projects? i.e. add the unit you wish to call from the Main project as an existing file to the main project and then call it there? Your test developers can work on the unit in one project, and when the unit is checked in, the changes will appear in the main project.

    Robert Leahey - TeamAQA
    QuickCARE Software Services, LP
    Note: I am not an employee of AutomatedQA - my support here is on a volunteer basis.
    Robert Leahey - TeamAQA
    Thoughtsmithy Software
    Note: I am not an employee of AutomatedQA - my support here is on a volunteer basis.

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    Re: Question on TC4 Project Suite

    Hi leahey,

    Thanks for the suggestion, I would like to know by doing this, does it mean that we will ignore the creation of Project Suite(.pjs) and release our test topics as Project(.mds)? [img]/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

    And where would be the appropriate areas we can implement the Project Suite feature according to our current process, as described in my previous post?

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    Re: Question on TC4 Project Suite


    I would suggest you to go down in the hierarchy of projects - to the level of the Script project item - and make a test case correspond either to a project or even to a script unit. You can create several units in a project and each unit will contain some test scripts. One of the units can be named "Main" and call tests from all of the other units. To be able to do it you just need to link all units to the main one. This is done by adding a special directive at the top of the unit - see the "Calling Routines and Variables Declared in Another Unit" help topic for more information. You can insert the description of a test case at the top of the main unit and mark it as a comment.
    If you put the project suite in a shared network folder, your testers and developers will be able to work with it concurrently using the network mode feature. You just need to make sure that they work on different units. To learn more about the network mode, please refer to the "Sharing Projects and Project Suites Among Several Testers" help topic.
    Bobby Edgar
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    Re: Question on TC4 Project Suite

    Hi Bobbye,

    We have tried to share the project suite among a few developers using the network mode. We used a mapped network drive on the local clients to do the trick. [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

    Just a quick question, we notice TC4 always encountered an error at module "aqComm.dll" when closing in network mode. Is this bug known to occur? Any suggestion in solving it [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Question on TC4 Project Suite


    Are you using the latest update for TestComplete 4 (4.28)? Does this happen with any project suite? If not, please send us the problematic project suite at support@automatedqa.com. Besides, please tell us what permissions your users have for the mapped network drive where the project suite resides.
    Leo - AQA Support



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