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    TestComplete & Sybase DB

    Hi guys, just wondering if it is possible to connect and query a Sybase database using TestComplete?

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    Re: TestComplete & Sybase DB

    As I understand it any ODBC compliant DB is supported with TestComplete. I think the help system has some pointers. You may need to set up the ODBC data source in the control panel before it's easy to use but the online help should give you a decent headstart.

    If there's anything special I'm sure the AutomatedQA guys will be by soon to straighten us out.

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    Re: TestComplete & Sybase DB


    Wholly is right: if an ODBC driver for Sybase databases is installed in your system, you can connect to your database via ADO. Please see the "ADO Plug-In" help topic to learn how to work with databases from TestComplete via ADO.
    Alex - SmartBear Support

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    Re: TestComplete & Sybase DB

    Ah-ha... I see -- I wasn't sure if the ADO plug-in would be able to work with a non-Microsoft DB, but with the ODBC driver it is.




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