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    Problems faced with TestComplete 4


    I am facing some problems running TestComplete 4 demo version:

    We have a web based product that uses .Net framework 1.1. The product has lots of web controls on html pages.

    When I tried using TestComplete 4 on our web based product, it worked damn slow on simple web based linking recording. When I tried capturing buttons, it hanged and CPU utilization went 100 %. I have a good Hardware configuration Pentium III, 3 Ghz, 512 MB RAM.
    I ran same test on Rational Robot and it was excellent.
    Am I missing something , some configuration ? Why is TestComplete so slow on my product?

    Please suggest.


    Vipul Vashisht
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    Re: Problems faced with TestComplete 4

    Are you using 4.24 or 4.25? 4.24 had some freezing issues like yours that have been resolved.

    If 4.25, I would recommend sending your script to the support team, so they can track and fix the problem.

    Good Luck!
    Aaron Fager
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    Re: Problems faced with TestComplete 4

    Hi Vipul,

    It looks like you did not receive the response sent by David last Friday. Let me quote it here:
    [ QUOTE ]

    Please note that ASP.NET applications are regular web pages from the browser's point of view. This means that TestComplete works with such applications the same way as with other web pages and assumes that all the objects on them are HTML objects (<INPUT>, <TABLE>, <SPAN>, etc.). The version of the Framework used by the application does not affect TestComplete since the tool does not work with .NET when working with such applications.

    TestComplete works with Internet Explorer via its COM object. The tool gathers information on all the objects within the tested page and this process can take a lot of time if the pages are large ones. We will work on improving performance of the Web Testing feature of the tool in future versions of the product.

    BTW, you can take a look at the following thread of the official TestComplete newsgroup - it describes a possible way of increasing performance:

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Bobby Edgar
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