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    How to make project finish execution

    When I run my test project, TestComplete stops on every little error that happens. Makes it almost impossible to effectively run my suite of tests overnight. I need to make this more stable so that if a single test fails, it aborts the test and continues on - Everytime.

    I've added the handler OnStopTest to TestedApps.TerminateAll(); and will even go as far as restoring my database if I have to. (I haven't yet). But that does no good when TestComplete keeps stopping during test execution.

    Please help.

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    Re: How to make project finish execution

    Hi Chris,
    Can u just check the Runtime Options if it helps for ur scenario.

    To reach it, double-click the project in the Project Explorer panel. TestComplete will display the project editor in the Workspace panel. Click Properties at the bottom of the project editor and then choose Playback in the list on the left of the page. See the options out there maybe it helps for ur case.

    Test 2 Break!!!!

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    Re: How to make project finish execution

    Hello Chris,

    What kind of errors cause TestComplete to stop? Please check the project's options mentioned by Tahir:

    Stop on error
    Stop on warning
    Stop on window recognition error
    Error dialog

    If TestComplete stops because of exceptions arised in the script, you can solve the problem by using the try...catch JScript statement.
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