I am new to TestComplete. I am using the Demo version of TestComplete 4 to test a Java application (using JRE 1.4.2_10).

I have a few questions:

1)Are the functions that I can use only the script language functions(VBscript /Jscript etc) and the Java methods for the object (I can see them when I select an object in the Object Browser) ?

2) Is there any list of functions which can be used in the scripts, or I should just look for the documentation of the script language which I select in another place?

3) When I record, I get very long lines in the scripts, which are chaining of SwingObjects –

Can I avoid this? I checked the option of Name Mapping for the last SwingObject in such chain, but it said that I must first name map all the parents of this object ( more that 10 )!

4)Is there an option (Maybe name mapping again / wildcard) to change the identification of an object?–

Right now, as recorded, it is recognized by its title, which is changed (it is according to the items in it) but for my purposes the object itself is the same.

5)I have a swing object which extends JTree.

I would like to select an item (node) in the tree, and not by Click (specific coordinates). It is recorded with Click.

In Winrunner, the class was recognized as a list, so I could use their menu_select_item for that purpose.

Here, I tried to do as explained in the sample at the “Analyzing the Recorded Script” section , in order to use ‘ClickItem’ –

I added to the Object Mapping the class name of the object I used for ListView, but it did not work –

Is it because the ListView control is working only for windows, and here I tried to use it for an java object?

What else I can try?

Thanks a lot,