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    Javascript variables randomly forget their assigned values

    I'm using Test Complete (v3.011.3190.0) to create an automated test framework. I have written a selection of javascript functions which query a database connections for project variables and write back to the database with test results. The design of the test framework requires me to log results against particular tests, this is done by temporarily storing projects ID's in a class variable.

    The problem I have encountered is that, randomly, these variable lose their content. I say randomly because I can run the identical code, including database content three times and the variables will lose their content at different times. the only constant is that they invariably do lose them.

    I have stripped down my code to the following steps:

    Open ADO connection to MySQL database.
    Select test from queue.
    Insert new row into a test results table.
    Read last_insert_id from database and store in variable called UIResultID.
    Output UIResultID to log window. (note: this value is correctly output).
    Select next test from test queue.
    Output UIResultID to log window. (note: sometimes this is correct sometimes it's empty).
    Repeat above two steps until test queue is empty.

    Can you tell me if there are any known bugs/issues that could potentially cause my variables to lose their content?

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    Re: Javascript variables randomly forget their assigned values


    As far as I know, you contacted our Support team via e-mail. Please continue working with them.
    Eric Holton
    Microsoft Corp.



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