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    Strong/weak points TestComplete

    We want to use TestComplete or another tool for automated regression testing, can anybody tell me what the major strong/weak ponts are of this application? The price is OK, but what about the rest?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Strong/weak points TestComplete

    Disclaimer : I don't work nor do I have any financial interest with AutomatedQA.

    Hi Gerard,

    First of all let me state in which context I use TestComplete : dotNet stand alone application, small developpment team ( less than 10). It is not used to do any web testing.
    The primary usage is regression testing.

    The Good :
    - lots of language scripts (VBScript, JScript, ..., DelphiScript),
    - lots of samples to help you evaluate the product
    - Very versatile,
    - Work very well with your application's GUI (tools help you find out a lot about Objects),
    - Has Open Application feature (replaces NUnit),
    - Very stable,
    - Incredible integration with all the Microsoft technologies (dotNet, dll, Ole etc)
    - Informal support is good (this forum),
    - The user interface is simple and easy to use.

    The not so good :
    - The scripts are not object oriented,
    - Object Driven Testing is difficult to grasp,
    - The editor's auto-completion feature could add all the functions in the current project,
    - Logs can only be read by Internet Explorer.

    Conclusion :
    TestComplete, fits our needs. It was the right choice and highly recommend it for any similar project.

    On another note, it would be nice to hear about how TestComplete performs when used in larger projects like banking or insurance.

    Simon Glet

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    Re: Strong/weak points TestComplete

    Let me add a few points to the list:

    1) Pixel by Pixel image comparison (Though it might be a pain sometimes, it really helps capture,what the exact difference is so many times)

    2) Smart low-level editor: After recording a low-level script, one can go and edit it to keep only the required steps and eliminate the rest

    3) Ability to insert messages on the fly (when capturing object properties or images) one can specify what message to be sent to the log in case it matches and what if it does not

    4) Ability to change the shortcuts for all major operations including Record, Stop, Run, Pause, ...



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    Re: Strong/weak points TestComplete

    Not sure what version of TC you were looking at, but TC Enterprise supports Object Driven Testing as well as Data Driven Testing. You may wish to look at the latest version.



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