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Thread: Auto testing

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    Auto testing

    I have downloaded demo versions of Test complete 3 and Test Recorder. I am attempting to record and replay a simple script on an application written in Delphi. However, I can record fine but cannot play it back.

    any ideas ?

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    Re: Auto testing

    Have you contacted support at the web site where you downloaded it from? What did they suggest

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    Re: Auto testing

    No I haven't. It was given to me by the Project manager. I'll check with him and go there and check it out.

    Many Thanx

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    Re: Auto testing

    Have anyone seen this problem with testcomplete, that when you are working with databases and record them, when you give playback the TC changes the data bases by adding the same valeu twice.How data driven testing work?

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    Re: Auto testing

    Hi szmen,

    Please post questions in new threads.

    Could you clarify what you mean when speaking about "recording databases"? Do you mean recording actions on an application that works with a database. If this is the case, please let me know:
    - which programming language your application is written in;
    - which grid controls are used in your application;
    - whether your application is an Open application (see the 'Open Applications' help topic for details).

    Please also post here a recorded script and describe in detail the problem:

    How data driven testing work?
    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica">Data-driven testing is a special type of testing when one test code is used to work with different data sets. This data can be retrieved from any external source: Excel spreadsheet, database, text/csv files, etc. You can search for 'Data-Driven Testing' in Google or Yahoo! to get more information about this type of testing.
    Also, please note that we have the 'An Introduction to Data-Driven Testing in TestComplete' tech paper on our Web site devoted to this feature:

    So, please clarify exactly what you want to know about TestComplete and how the data-driven testing can be implemented in it.


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    Re: Auto testing

    thanks Atanas, for the response it helped me in finding more about data-driven testing fron techpapers. But the problem is when I am recording and I have a financial aplication(that calculates all kind of bills), and I validate some options there, when I give playback it happens to block on some options.
    I believe taht he makes the same steps like me and if I check a windows it un-check it and i believe this is my problem, because i tryed it with a simple application in delphi with 2 forms, 2 buttons and a radio button.
    it there any other way to record all these steps?
    thanks again

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    Re: Auto testing


    Can you please post here the recorded script that you use and show the exact line you are having problems with.
    Please also let me know whether your application is an Open application. You can check this in the Object Browser panel - an application is recognized as Open if there is a scales icon right next to the application's process name. Please see the 'Open Applications' and 'Open Applications in Delphi and C++Builder' help topics for details.




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