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    Image Comparision


    I am evaluating TestComplete3.0 for testing our product. Our application is developed using VC++. The TC suits all our test cases except the following

    1) We have a window where the flow of the application is shown in the pictorial representation. When the image exceeds page(The container) size and while capturing the control I am able to capture till the image is visible in the window i.e. the part that we can see if we scroll down or right is not captured and compared

    is there any alternative for this or does TC3.0 provide region capture like control and screen capture

    2)The above image displays the different activiteis of a workflow and based on the inputs given to it the application will run in possible path and this path is shown with a red colour in the image - is there anyway we can check for the path based on the colour property

    thanx for everyone

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    Re: Image Comparision

    Hi Vishnu,

    As far as I know, our Support Team has already answered you. Have you received their answer?
    Bobby Edgar
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    Re: Image Comparision

    Hi Bobby,

    I got the response from Alex and I am in touch with him for further clarifications




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