In My project, I activate IE and load a specific page and then click enter and wait for another window.
When executing this script

1. A different IE Window, which I had in my task bar gets activated and then the expected page did not load due to some authentication problems which is an anticipated behavior. - So Nothing to worry on this.
2. The next line of code is to press enter and to wait for a window to appear.
Since a different explorer window got activated, TC was waiting for that window to appear.
3. I stopped the execution by switching to TC Software and then pressing ctrl + f2.
4. Then closed that unwanted explorer window.
5. And then the project was rerun.
6. The Issue is at this time the results are not posted to the Test Log even after the project was run completely. Not even single entry for this run has been logged. And the focus even did not switch to TC software which is an unusual behavior.
7. On running the same project again things happen correctly.

I repeated this three to four times TC behaves in the same way.
Please let me know how to solve this serious issue( consider a test case which may run for hours and end with this issue)

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