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    Learn the class information with debug mode?

    Recently, I am looking for an automation tool which can support Delphi. I have installed the trial version of TestComplete. I was told that TestComplete can get the class information with the debug version of application. Is it possible to test the non debug version after TestComplete learns the new class? Because it is not appropriate to do the regression test with the debug version of application.


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    Re: Learn the class information with debug mode?

    Unfortunately, TestComplete does not have this ability.

    Bobby Edgar
    Bobby Edgar
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    Re: Learn the class information with debug mode?

    I am having the same issue. TestComplete is the best tool out there for Delphi applications, but it doesn't make sense to test your application in debug when that's not the version the clients will be getting.

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    Re: Learn the class information with debug mode?

    Just as a note, please avoid replies to posts over 6 months old...

    As for your problem, we have found in practical application that, while including the debug info into the application for automated testing does mean that I'm not testing precisely what it is the end users are getting, the benefits far outweigh that. Yes, there is debug info... but technically speaking, the only impact that has is on the memory footprint of the application. Bugs that our automation finds in debug mode we validate manually in a regular build to verify that it's not an artifact of the test (usually takes minimal time to do so). We then report these to the developers who fix the problem and then test it themselves, interestingly enough, in debug mode.

    I think you'll find that, for regression testing of this type, this is a very minor concern.
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