Since TC2 is new to most of the members of this forum and Iíve seen the comment more than once, let me clarify a little about the nature of TC since it takes a different approach than the main stream tools. The TC2 testing engine is basically an OLE/COM server. The GUI that most people would consider the testing tool is actually just a client program to this server. One can use the tool to record/playback scripts in DelphiScript, Jscript, VBScript, or C++Script. In addition, TC2 introduces the concept of a ďConnectedĒ application. By adding just one unit, TCConnect, to an application, it can interact with the testing engine and, through the engine, the application(s) under test. DelphiScript, VBScript, and C++Script are fully compatible subsets of their respective languages. Thus, one can copy scripts and place them inside a Connected application using everything that the language has to offer. Virtually everything in the engine (Projects, TestSuites, TestCases, Repositories, Logs, etc.) is available to regular scripts and connected applications as objects. This allows TC2 to easily support both unit and/or functional testing at the same time. BTW, TC2 also supports open applications by adding TCClient when compiling the AUT. Other products, such as WinRunner, also support this but none of the other products Iíve seen even come close to exposing what TC2 can. TC2 has the capability to see everything that the language compilerís debugger can.