Hi to all,
I am using Testcomplete in order to do GUI tests on one of our company's NMS (Network Management System) platforms.
This is a GUI platform, which is JAVA based. By the way it is developed by a sub-contractor, so this NMS is a total Black-Box to me.

My issue is that the Major part of the NMS cannot be tested by Testcomplete because I cann't do all the actions that I need to do on its "sub compnents", and i'll explain it now.

The NMS has a MAP component that the user uses in order to place the managed network components. These components are not identified by Testcomplete, it can only "see"
the Map object. It seems that the Map "hides" the components on the Map. It looks like this Map is like a canvas that holds a changing picture, when I add or remove devices from it.

Is there a way to soolve this issue by Testcomplete ?
What do you recommend me to do ?