I am testing 2 different versions of the same app with a client end written in Visual Basic 6. A Combox selection is failing (cboXField command). When I check and compare the old with the new I get the following:


Aliases.QLX.frmQLXMain.MDIClient.wndDBasMdiChildCl ass5.DBasMdiChildClass2.

frmEHGM101.tabMain.SSActiveTabPanel1.Frame6.cboCri ​teria.cboXField


Aliases.QL .frmQLXMain.MDIClient.wndDBasMdiChildClass .DBasMdiChildClass2.

frmEHGM101.tabMain.SSActiveTabPanel1.Frame6.cboCri ​teria.cboXField

The older object differs by having an additional 2 characters.

Can I "wildcard" this, or by any other means make changes so as my scripts will recognise both versions of the Combobox?