I have a client/server application to loads a second page or window. When it returns to the main application window it does not recognize any of the objects. I have tried to refresh the object tree in many ways, five are listed below.


I’m quite sure this is the problem as I put in a delay and manually closed the application and restarted it and after the delay the script continues. BUT, without restarting the application it times-out and stops.

I have checked the ‘Extended find’ in the mapped objects and reran the test with the refreshing options but that too did not reload the object tree like it does when I restart the application.

If I start the application and then start to run a TC script it takes about 15 seconds to start as it is building the object tree. In short I want TC to trash and rebuild the object tree.

I'm using TC9.20, JScript on Win7.
Any Help, Thanks,
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