I was just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue I am. I recently upgraded from 9.20 to 9.30, and TestComplete is no longer recognizing name mapped text menu objects in my tested application. This is only happening with text objects. I have made sure that under current project properties, the text recognition options are configured with all the controls I'm expecting to have text recognition for. The strange thing is that Object Spy recognizes their aliases, but as soon as I try to use those aliases in a script or data file, it can't find the object. Even if I delete the mapping completely and re-map the object, and then right click the new name mapping and click highlight on screen, it says an object higher in the name hierarchy can't be found - even though I just mapped it, and then screen I used to map it is still up. I also tried recording a script clicking some menu items, and some other items such as comboboxes and buttons. The combobox and button clicks recorded as I expected, but when I clicked the menu items, nothing recorded at all, not even coordinate clicks.
I have only seen this happening in my tested application, which is a Progress application. I checked out some other programs and haven't seen the same things happening.
Has anyone else been seeing something like this in 9.30? Any workarounds?