hi All,

We are trying to get an automation test tool that is best fit for our company but right now on a tie between Ranorex and TestComplete. We are yet to evaluate the tools completely, just got started, but with features that they both support, we have selected these two to start with.

Since you have been using testcomplete for sometime now, I wanted to check with you on your overall review of this tool?

We are all Microsoft shop, no other OS. We basically are looking to automate web apps, client-server/desktop apps, windows services, service bus services, command line interface, pdf comparisons, WCF services, winforms, Webservices (soap ui testing), integration with VS etc.

Development coding is done through .Net and C# only. Need to know your review overall based on your experience with these two tools and comparison/score if possible.

Your reply is much appreciated, Thanks much