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    AutoIt Tool for Testing Windows Application

    Has anyone used AutoIt tool for testing windows application.

    If someone has used, kindly suggest me how to select values from a drop down (in a window application) using AutoIt.

    I'm automating testing a PDA-Emulator installed in my system.


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    Re: AutoIt Tool for Testing Windows Application

    You might have better luck getting an answer to your question if you post in the correct forum. This one is for the SmartBear TestComplete tool.
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    Re: AutoIt Tool for Testing Windows Application

    AutoIT doesn't seem to handle menus all that well. I usually just click on the window to give it focus and then use hotkeys, followed by Enter, to activate the menu.

    We use AutoIT in conjunction with TestComplete. Crashes and other error dialogs that seem to stop TestComplete in it's tracks despite having the TestComplete "Continue on Error" setting turned on, are easily handled by AutoIT exes running separately during the test run.



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