I was wondering if anyone out there has spent any amount of time with more than one script language in test complete, and what differences they may have found?
I am not referrinfg to the differences in syntax and how the different languages work - but differences in the stability of TC, and how it handles things?

On the smartbear site and from support the 'party line' seems to be that 'all languages are the same and you should just pick the one that suits your skills if you are not using connected apps. But I beg to differ

I have found numbers little differences between the way it handles name mapping, code completion, and some strange behaviour that indicates when I rename something in VB script projects, test complete is not always handling that- this has ranged from renamed or removed named /mapped objects 'reappearing' to code completion refering to the old name, to error messages or a call statement which I have modified ie from:

call subroutineA
call subroutineB

that when executed - gives me log messsages which show that it is still executing subroutineA from the call to subroutineB

And just other 'strange' things that make me think 'im sure i didnt do that/put that there/rename that/ create that etc

am i going bonkers or has anyone else had any issues in the test complete engine and the way it handles different script languages?

as above I am NOT referring to the known and expected differences in the different languages (such as the way they may handle arrays, error handling for the script language etc, but differences in how test complete itself behaves when you use a different script language)?