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    Simulating Menu functions


    Am new to TC and VB scripting, here is my scenario

    There is a menu in our web application on mouse hower it will display the child items. i want to simulate like howering the mouse to the menu and clicking any of the shild menu item.

    Please help me out...

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    Re: Simulating Menu functions

    1.first u record the script and analyze the recorded script.
    2. use Object identification method.

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    Re: Simulating Menu functions


    Normally, the mouse hover action should be recorded for web-based menus, so just recording a click on a menu item should give you the correct script. If it is not recorded, you can add the appropriate action to your test manually by calling the HoverMouse method of the object which invokes the menu (this is the object over which a user would place the mouse pointer to make the menu appear). See the Simulating Mouse Actions help topic for more information on how to do this.
    Jared - AQA Support

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    Re: Simulating Menu functions

    Hi K20078,

    Hover over mouse on the menu by using the object.Hoverovermouse method and then read the menu items object and then do the actions what ever you required.



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