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    Want to Access AUT via Remote desktop in TestCompl

    We have to automate an application which is running on hand handled device. This device is having OS windows XP embedded. hence I cannot install TestComplete on this device but I can accessing this device via Remote desktop or VNC viewer at my desktop PC. Now my problem is that whenever I am trying to identify the AUT objects via Remote desktop, TestComplete is not identifying objects, TestComplete recognize mouse ordinates only. It will be very nice if you can help me to understand how to recognize AUT objects via Remote desktop or VNC in TestComplete8.

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    Re: Want to Access AUT via Remote desktop in TestCompl

    My suggestion would be two fold:

    1) Build your tests using a regular Windows XP OS box with TestComplete installed.
    2) Can TestExecute but installed on the device? If so, then you can run your tests on the device using TestExecute.

    Essentially, TestComplete cannot view the objects on the remote connection because, from the perspective of TestComplete, you're operating on the VNC/RDP window, not on the AUT.
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    Re: Want to Access AUT via Remote desktop in TestCompl

    As Robert said, you cannot access individual controls over RDC. Testcomplete needs a working GUI interface in order to properly recognize the objects.

    From what I can tell - you only have two choices
    1) Use coordinates on the RDC system (not recommended for lots of obvious reasons)
    2) Install TestExecute on the RDC machine - develop your scripts on a standard windows box and execute the suite remotely (as Robert said in his 2nd point).

    I honestly don't think there is another option besides this when dealing with remote desktop. There's also some limitations in using RDC in general, although we've gotten everything to work correctly and successfully at our company.

    This help file should be of some use to you: http://blog.smartbear.com/post/10-10-11/...esktop-windows/

    You may want to check out the corresponding help files as well - they contain some good information.

    Good luck



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