While we welcome any and all questions concerning SmartBear's TestComplete product, there is a lot of information available from SmartBear in a number of online resources that may provide answers to any number of questions. Please take a look at the following resources before posting your question:

Online Help - This is an online version of the help files that install with TestComplete. Many common tasks, functions, and features are described here along with basic trouble-shooting tips.

How-To Articles - SmartBear support has created a number of how to articles for some of the more involved solutions to common problems.

Online Videos and WebCasts - SmartBear staff occasionally conducts webinars and webcasts which highlight and explain new features, tips, tricks, and common tasks for TestComplete's feature set.

Technical Papers - SmartBear also has a number of articles written up to describe how TestComplete can meet a number of technical needs as well as best-practices of how to use TestComplete in a number of development models.

FAQ - As users ask questions, SmartBear staff compile the list of frequently asked questions. This link gives you a categorized document of those questions and the common answers given.

Hopefully these links can get you started in answering your questions. As always, if you need specific help with something, feel free to ask.

If, however, you need specific and directed support with a rapid turn around from SmartBear support staff, you can create a ticket with SmartBear at http://smartbear.com/support/message/?prod=TestComplete. This is direct requests to SmartBear support staff.

Happy testing!

Robert Martin and Martin Houston
SmartBear TestComplete Forum Moderators