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With TestComplete you can create and run automated tests for any Windows desktop and mobile applications, Web or Rich Client software. TestComplete provides QA teams the ability to test more software in a shorter time by providing the power, flexibility and ease of use to get started quickly, AND at a fraction of the price of other automated testing tools.

There is no better time to test drive TestComplete…last week, we released TestComplete 8.5 with added support for the latest versions of the Firefox4 and IE9 browsers, Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK, and an improved workflow for Microsoft Silverlight 4 testing. TestComplete 8.5 is also the first functional test tool to support the Adobe Flash® Builder 4.5 release.

Here is what a Flex expert had to say about TestComplete 8.5…

“TestComplete reduces the amount of time it takes to test Flex applications and custom components. Using TestComplete we can create more functional tests, in less time, without the frustration of other commercial tools.”

- Michael Labriola, Senior Consultant, digital primates

Start using TestComplete today to:

* Perform Windows GUI testing, functional testing, regression testing, web testing, distributed testing, data-driven testing, Flex testing, Flash testing, and more all from one testing tool
* Save time and money by reducing your overall testing time
* Improve your testing accuracy by reducing monotonous manual testing
* Increase your test coverage without increasing your time spent testing

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