We started using TestComplete two week ago (as a team with 4 member now, all of us is beginner in automated tests), and can't solve our problem with teamworking. We are not allowed to use source code controlling yet (this choice at the moment is not in our team's hand), and using "network mode" simple not working for us. It's possible, that we do something wrong... So, we need work with one (big) application, wich is on a shared folder on a network computer. We tried to use the same TC project (also in a shared folder), writing scripts, but every time someone record a script, run a scipt or save, all of us get a message (~ do you want to reload the project?), and lots of times some of us loosing their work. We work on separate scripts, but the objects for object checkpoints are in the same place (stores/objects), so if two of us recording script with object checkpoint, only one's work will be saved.
(And every time we lost some time with reloading...)

As for cloning the project, work on separate project suite, and after it is complete, add it to the same suite: There would be problem, because the application is so big and complicated, we are not able to divide it sequentially, so its out of options to run our scripts in a sequence, we will need to combine our works (for example one project is script 1, 2, 3; the other is contains scripts 4, 5, 6. If we combine the two project in one suit, running it like this: 1, 4, 5, 2, 3 is not possible, but in the long run we will need it.
At the moment we use this method (separate project suites), because this way at least we can work on it, but what would be the best solution?

(Additional info: The tested application was written for over 15 years (more than 4 programmers on daily work), lots and lots of function, options, entitlement levels for the users, and so on. It was never tested with automated tools, and our project now is to record/write as many scripts, as we can...)

Thanks for any idea!