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    Is redirection problem is an performance problem ?

    When I wrote abuout 302 problems for login operations,
    people say "This is not performance limit, it is a redirection problem"
    Realy ? I know this already, but I am not sure whether this is a performance problem or not.

    I mean, maybe teh web site can not handle to many redirection process. What about that ??

    I want to know how can handle this warning bcos these vusers can not login to web site (unless I use ramp-up)
    This 302 warned vsuers also produce falsy 500 status code relaetd warnings,

    so, How can I learn real capacity of my web server, if some vusers can not login to system bcos of redirection problem ?
    I look serious because I am serious.

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    Re: Is redirection problem is an performance problem ?

    All of the tools I use seem to handle redirection just fine. I cannot speak to your tool as I don't have any experience with it, but to classify a standard redirect as an error seems odd on its face.
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    Re: Is redirection problem is an performance problem ?

    I'm with James, I wouldn't necessarily call a planned redirect an error. And I would add that as it's a step that will take some non-zero amount of time, it's definitely a /potential/ performance concern.

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    Re: Is redirection problem is an performance problem ?


    I encourage you to review your questions... reflect a minute.. and try to ask better questions in good english. It's nearly impossible to determine what you are asking from your threads. Can you clearly explain what your "redirection problem" is?
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    Re: Is redirection problem is an performance problem ?

    Ok Corey, sory for my bad punctuation. I wrote it in a fast way since I got stuck here because of that problem on my load test.

    I am doing a load test for an 3-tier ASP.NET Web application.
    The web site has a redirection mechanism on its first page.
    This is a login-only shopping site.I mean you need to login in order to browse the site.if you are already logged-in before, it directly sends you default.aspx

    So, when you type its URL, it goes to login.aspx and it is seen default.aspx. as referer

    When I am teting for login operation
    (without no rump-up) for about up to 70 vusers no problem, but after about 70 vusers, program starts to get warnings bcos of 302 related status codes.

    And those vusers with warned request, actualy can not send their ID in their request for login.aspx with POST method.
    (I can see it inside request details, or on database side)

    All problemaic vusers got 3 warned request and here is these warnings.

    GET /default.aspx returns "302 Found" instead of "200 OK"
    POST /Login.aspx return "200 OK" instead of "302 Found"
    GET /default.aspx returns "302 Found" instead of "200 OK"

    BTW, my test tool just returns warning if the vusers request's response status code is different than those in the recorded task's request.

    That is all I got for these problematic vusers, since this is not a server related 50x problem, I can not get anything by request tracing. Failed requests logs of IIS does not include any exception.

    And if I extend this test until address and payment pages,
    this time those problematic vusers returns 500 status code (bcos the testing tool pushes these un-logged problematic users to send their address data.)

    I hope I have old my problem in a more clear way.
    If anything misunderstood here, please ask me again.
    I hope somebody would helpme. Thanks.
    I look serious because I am serious.

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    Re: Is redirection problem is an performance problem ?

    Could be a server issue due to load (what you are testing for) and you would need to engage the application support folks to help figure that out...

    Or it could be a client/test software issue. I would recommend calling TC support to see what they say.

    It could also be an error in the way the test is setup and/or paramterized. Is there any of your data input files (such as logins) that has 70 rows in it? If so, maybe you are having problems where the same login is already logged in so it is not returning the login page (200 OK) but redirecting to the app (302 page moved).

    Grasping at straws - hard to debug from just these descriptions. It could literally be 100s of problems or combinations of problems. Unless someone has seen this specific issue with their ASP app and/or the TC load test tool the odds of anyone being able to troubleshoot your issue are low.

    From the description I would lean towards either a test setup issue or a test tool issue. I would start with the a call to the tool vendor.
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    Re: Is redirection problem is an performance problem ?

    As stated by others, a redirect where you don't expect to get one could very well be an error, or at the least you have managed to trigger a different path through the application. Best thing to do to diagnose is take the URL you have been directed to, retrieve it, and look at the header and body of the result. Odds are you will see an error message that will help you sort out this unexpected behavior. Another good reason that after EVERY primary get/post you search the text returned for something that indicates success (looking at just the http status for a 200 is not sufficient) and if the success string is missging, log the text returned and take the appropriate action in the script (default action would be log error message and text and then quit either the script or the test depending on your tolerance for errors).

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    Re: Is redirection problem is an performance problem ?

    You can try to add the start time in the scenariol for each Vusers ,
    for letting all the Vusers could login,if the login transaction is not so important.

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    Re: Is redirection problem is an performance problem ?

    Hi Hupo
    Actually we can pass login with rump-up load, but we get some problems. We web site use redirection in many pages.

    James and Drazle, thank you for advices. I will the account them.
    BTW, I have noticed that for the warned vusers, actualy there is no set-cookie field at all. (in the response header of warned login.aspx with POST Method)

    Maybe it is parametrisation problem, but the database has 250 user name for sure.

    I arranged from IIS failedrequest logs as to show 302 status code fails but can not see anything meaningful.
    Since there are not 500 warning for login operation, I can not see an exception or other error in the failed request.
    I look serious because I am serious.

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    Re: Is redirection problem is an performance problem ?

    A 302 status means you have been redirected. It also comes with a URL you are being redirected to. Fetch it and log its header and body. Only then will you understand why you got an unexpected redirect.


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