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    Data Type conversions while invoking webservice


    I have a webservice method to invoke from TC and the method definition is

    The createNewUser method should take the parameters as Uname as String, Pwd as String, ClientId as Int, SecQId as Int, SecAns as String.

    But i invoked the method like below and expected to recive an exception while invoking that method itself.
    Call service.CreateNewUser(12312321 ,12135535262, 10012, “15”, “testing CNUser”)

    But strangly, I didnt receive any exception and moreover I got a success msg.

    Now my question is... Is test complete converting the values I am passing into the required parameter datatype.... Becuase when I checkde with the developer about the same thing whether they are doing anything in the code to convert the values they receive into required format... they told me that they are not.

    So can any one please tell me whether this is the feature provided by testcomplete to convert the values we pass while invoking the webservice method into required parameter type?


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    Re: Data Type conversions while invoking webservice


    TC uses the Microsoft scripting engine that implicitly converts string values to integer values or vice versa where this is needed.
    Jared - AQA Support



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