More and more companies are using both automated and manual testing efforts together. As a result there is very often confusion around how best to get started and how best to organize these varying test types.

If your company is using or considering mixing test types, you may be interested in our new white paper. "Uniting your Automated and Manual Testing Efforts" discusses the need for a balanced automated and manual test approach and describes how to optimize your efforts to obtain the highest quality releases in the shortest amount of time. The techniques covered in this white paper are based on over 25 years of experience and have been used by software development and QA teams globally.

The white paper focuses on these topics:

1. Best Practices for Planning your Automated Test Effort

2. Best Practices for Planning your Manual Test Effort

3. Uniting your Automated and Manual Test Efforts

4. Optimizing your Test Efforts during the QA Cycle

5. Using Retrospectives to Improve Future Testing Efforts

If you would like a copy of this whitepaper, download White Paper

Thanks and best of luck with all your testing efforts.