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    TC recorder produces blank scripts

    Hello all,
    One of our testers has recently run into an issue when recording some tests against a website application. After completing the recording, the recorder is not generating the proper script and instead produces a blank function. For example, she will launch the recorder, perform some interactions, and close the recorder. The recorder will display the expected "Please wait while the script is being generated" message. When examining the function it has created, all of the internal logic is missing. What I mean is, the recorder is creating a new function for the recording, but all of the "guts" are missing.
    Ex (in Jscript):
    function Test1

    The issue is intermittent and only one tester has seen the problem. She is able to work around it by restarting the IDE, but it is a bit of a pain to do so often. She reports that it occurs most frequently after creating checkpoints, although she has seen it after doing some simple, non-checkpoint recording as well. Neither TestComplete or the machine's application logs are logging any errors.

    She is using TestComplete v7.52.678.7 in a WinXP VM. The TestComplete IDE is using SCC, if that makes any difference. I've searched the sqaforum, AQA's site and the internet in general to no avail. Has anyone run into anything similar or have some troubleshooting advice?


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    Re: TC recorder produces blank scripts


    Please follow the steps below to help us investigate the problem:

    1. Download a free trial version of AQtime 6, which is our profiling tool, from our web site. The trial can be requested on the following page of our web site:

    2. Install the tool.

    3. Start AQtime with the -NotOpenApp command-line argument. For example, you can use the following command line:
    "c:\Program Files\Automated QA\AQtime 6\Bin\AQtime.exe" -NotOpenApp

    4. Select the 'File | New Project From Module...' main menu item.

    5. In the Open File dialog, select TestComplete's executable file and click Open.

    6. Take a look at the AQtime toolbar - there is a combo box. Open it and select the "Tracing | Exception Trace Profiler" item.

    7. Select the "Options | Options..." main menu command - the Options dialog will appear.

    8. Set the "Profiling Time | Event View | General | Exceptions | Depth shown" setting to 100 and click OK.

    9. Start TestComplete.

    10. Click the Run | Attach to Process... main menu item in AQtime.

    11. Select TestComplete's process from the list by double-clicking it and click Run in the dialog that appears after that.

    12. Reproduce the problem.

    13. After the problem occurs, right-click somewhere within the Event View panel (it is opened by default at the bottom of AQtime's window) and select the 'Save All...' item.

    14. Repeat steps 4-13 for the tested application (the web browser in your case) and generate one more Event View.

    15. Save the panel's contents to an HTML file and send me the file via our Contact Support form:

    Thanks in advance.
    Allen - SmartBear Support



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