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    the whole IE window was being selected

    when I tried keeping checkpoints in IE8's Yahoo web page using TestComplete the whole window is being selected instead of that particular object. I referred to "testing web pages " in testing tool help page. But no use, nothing mentioned about recognizing the objects of web browser in TC. Can any body help me how to test web browsers.

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    Re: the whole IE window was being selected

    Is "tcwebtesting.pls" a default plugin for web testing along with the TestComplete or do we need to buy this plug-in seperately. Because I don't find this plug-in in my Bin > Extension folder.
    Please help me if any body have an idea.


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    Re: the whole IE window was being selected

    Hi MJP,

    This plug-in is not shipped along with the Standard edition of the tool. Do you have the Standard edition of TestComplete?
    Best regards,
    David - SmartBear Support



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