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    Object mapping: seeing nothing, or mistakening eve

    This is getting frustrating. For web testing, I setup the usual object mappings, page by page. I either get 2 things when I test it with "highlight on screen":

    1. It does not recognize the object, even though it's right there.

    2. It highlights it on screen, when it's in fact not there(ie I'm on some other page).

    I did a simple test, doing an object mapping for google & yahoo. For the match criteria, I tried using the URL & the page(window) title. It mistakened one for the other.

    What am I doing wrong? it seems "LocationName" is not sufficient to discriminate the right object from the other. For the "page" object(I'm testing IE only), I don't have too much to sift through.

    I think I've spent more time in the Name Mapping section of this app more than anywhere else, and not for good reasons.

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    Re: Object mapping: seeing nothing, or mistakening eve

    Looks like I got past most of the mistaken identities. I put all the page objects under sys.iexplore.ieframe.tabpage.shelldocobjectview.br owser. Whew! It still gets a bit mushy, but after a short wait(or some sort of internal refresh), it works.



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