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    Running two automation scripts on one machine


    I am looking to run two automation scripts on one machine concurrently. Please suggest me a way to do it.


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    Re: Running two automation scripts on one machine

    i don't believe you can do it. what you can do is to create 2 VMWare and run script from each VM. you can't run from same OS at the same time.

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    Re: Running two automation scripts on one machine

    Hi Soumitra,

    There is no way to do this. Two tests running concurrently would interfere with each other - just imagine two users working on the same machine simultaneously. What do you need this for?
    Jared - AQA Support

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    Re: Running two automation scripts on one machine


    It is possible to run tests concurrently on the same machine, but of course not in the same user session, unless you will launch tests with TestComplete or TestExecute of different release versions (eg one tests in TC6 and other in TC7) and they will not interact with GUI.

    First way is to install WMWare and launch tests there, as mentioned Antoney;

    The second is to launch tests under different user sessions You may establish rdp connection from another computer and launch tests in this rdp session, then launch some other tests in console session, or, may be, in one more remote session - in this way you can execute different tests in separate user sessions concurrently.
    But the computer should be a terminal server so that it will allow multiple sessions at a time.



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