Hi everyone,

I am creating an online tutorial on TestComplete in Russian. It is not completely ready yet, but in my opinion everything one may need in the beginning of evaluating and learning TestComplete is present.

The tutorial can be found here http://tctutorial.ru/.

Here is a list of questions which are ready at the moment

Chapters 1-2

Installing TC and Getting Started (Installing TC, IDE short overview, creating a new project, language choosing, RnP, using Object Browser and Object Properties, Log - briefly, open application, different types of application and how TC recognizes controls - e.g. .NET, Java, Delphi, etc.)

Chapter 3

Scripts creating basics (selecting tree model, using coding standards, record/play and manual script creating, Namespaces and Aliases, synchronization Find/Wait methods, Stores and checkpoints, Running scripts TestItems, Using Logs in details, script debugging, using frameworks - brief)

Chapter 4.1 Web functional testing

Chapter 7 DDT (using Excel as an example with some comments on CSV and ADO)

Chapter 11 (OCR, Events handling, Visualizer, Indicator)

Chapter 18 (a short overview of useful objects in TC, like BuiltIn, Runner, Options, aqUtils, aqConvert, aqDateTime, aqEnvironment, aqObject, aqString, etc.)

And these are chapters I am going to add in the nearest future:

KDT, Connected and Self-testing apps, ODT, Extensions, API and DLL, .NET assemblies, User Forms, Manual Testing, Unit Testing, Distributed testing, COM, Object Mapping, LLPlayer, working with images, TC options and project options description.

I'll be glad for any comments, suggestions, etc. here or by e-mail genka@alpaev.com [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

TestComplete Tutorial