If you are interested to know more about Software testing job opportunities or if you are already searching for job in Software testing here is a Live webinar (Online seminar) which may be of interest to you

On Jan 17th a Live webinar is being conducted on "Software Testing Career Opportunities & How to get job into Software testing"

Go here http://www.SoftwareTestingCareer.Com & Register now

Everyone who attends the live webinar will get access to a Free PDF on Software testing interview questions & also
Video on Software Testing interview questions & interview preparations

Advantages of attending this seminar:

There are large number of job hiring for Software testing positions even in this post-recession period
You get to know what is expected of a professional to be hired as a Software Testing Engineer
Lots of tips will be shared on How you can get into Software Testing Career
Many tips will be shared from experiences of those who've been attending Testing job interviews
There will be followup webinars which will cover more foundation topics on Software Testing
You get to hear from Professsionals who are sharing from their experience of working as Software Testing Engineers
You get insights into how Software Testing Projects will be executed
Its almost like being part of a Software Testing project team in a Larage company atleast partially
Attending a live webinar is better than sitting & reading a document on Software testing
Lots of graduates have benefited by attending our webinars & they were able to clear few technical rounds of Testing job interviews with what they learned in these webinar
There has been growing demand to attend these webinar hence make sure to reserve your spot sooner.

You dont need to pay to attend this webinar . Just take time to register & attend.

Since its a Webinar you can attend from your home or a cyber cafe wherever you have an internet connection.
You will recieve reminder email with link to attend this webinar. For any queries email info@softwaretestingcareer.com

Also feel free to email which topics or which areas you would like to be covered on this seminar,
We will try to cover them if there is demand for it from more people.