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    file comparison

    When comparing two files (.txt) in my script, the file comparsion fails because of timestamp difference between the actual and expected log files. How can I ignore the timestamps and location of some files recorded in the log file?

    any help?

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    Re: file comparison

    You have several options: you can filter the timestamp before comparing.. or you can use a comparison tool that filters portions of the file.

    You can also parse the txt file and compare it line by line, word by word and filter what you feel is indifferent

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    Re: file comparison

    Could you please give an example how to ignore timestamp or location of files logged in the file?

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    Re: file comparison

    I am comparing PDF's at the moment. The code is posted here

    I use Beyond Compare 2. You can download this easy enough. After downloading and installing you can check out the Rules from the tools menu. THis wil allow you to create General expressions of text to tag as unimportant....
    I am sure that the other comparison software will work in a similar way.

    If this does not help you, maybe you can post the txt files you want to compare?

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    Re: file comparison


    Thanks. I am using WinMerge but need some help to ignore the timestamp and location files logged in the file. I alreay read yours but it is not I am after.

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    Re: file comparison

    I do not know if WinMerge will allow you to ignore portions of the file, you need to check the WinMerge helpfile for this I'm afraid...



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