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    Sometimes Playsback and sometimes does Not

    When I record something one day, it plays back with no problems. Then when I come in the day after, it does not want to play back at all.

    I am recording a web application using IE 8 and recording using the script feature while working with a Windows XP Service Pak 3 OS. I am using the most-up to date Enterprise edition of TestComplete 7.50.653.7.

    I do not make any changes to the computer at all during the day before. I have tried restarting, logging-on, restoring to the previous day. Starting with Testcomplete first and then the Application, and vice-a-versa.

    I have tried using the newly recorded scripts to play back on the present day, but it does not want to recogonize that either. This is very frustrating and keeping me from recording new scripts.

    Any help would be apppreciated. Also just know that I am not a developer or programmer, so I do not know code.

    Thank You


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    Re: Sometimes Playsback and sometimes does Not

    Hi Kevin,
    I am afraid that you are expecting scripts to keep playing without adaptation. This is rarely possible.
    Things in your webapplication change without you seeing it. And every time you open your application, things can be different behind the screens.
    I think you will have to learn some coding if you want to work with automated scripts.



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