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    Browser.Keys in Firefox Tests


    Maybe someone else has encountered this. I am testing an application in Firefox. I am encountering some issues in the code itself that is created after recording.

    For some reason, it seems like TC is not truly capturing the first object I am testing against on each page. For example:

    <font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
    Call Aliases.firefox.wndMozillaUIWindowClass.Browser.Mo zillaWindowClass.MozillaWindowClass.MozillaContent WindowClass.Browser.Keys("Tester[Tab]")
    Call Aliases.firefox.pageOpenthesisUploadAndSearchThe.p anelContainer.panelMidsection.panelPadding.panelWi decolumn.panelContent.form.panelForm.textboxLastna me.Keys("User[Tab]")
    Call Aliases.firefox.pageOpenthesisUploadAndSearchThe.p anelContainer.panelMidsection.panelPadding.panelWi decolumn.panelContent.form.panelForm.textboxEmail. Keys("test.user@sb.com[Tab]")
    Call Aliases.firefox.pageOpenthesisUploadAndSearchThe.p anelContainer.panelMidsection.panelPadding.panelWi decolumn.panelContent.form.panelForm.textboxConfir memail.Keys("test.user@sb.com[Tab]")
    Call Aliases.firefox.pageOpenthesisUploadAndSearchThe.p anelContainer.panelMidsection.panelPadding.panelWi decolumn.panelContent.form.panelForm.passwordboxPa sswd.Keys("1234[Tab]")
    Call Aliases.firefox.pageOpenthesisUploadAndSearchThe.p anelContainer.panelMidsection.panelPadding.panelWi decolumn.panelContent.form.panelForm.passwordboxCo nfirmpassword.Keys("1234") </pre><hr />

    So, it captures all the elements on the page correctly EXCEPT the very first one - the First Name field. For some reason it calls that one "Browser.Keys".

    I have seen this in some other posters' code snippets, but no one else has questioned it that I can see.

    If I use the object browser on that particular text field, it gives me a "real" value:

    Aliases.firefox.pageOpenthesisUploadAndSearchThe.p anelContainer.panelMidsection.panelPadding.panelWi decolumn.panelContent.form.panelForm.textboxFirstn ame

    but when I record a test, it uses that "Browser.Keys" object.

    I wouldn't mind so much, but TC is being inconsistent in executing the test on that line. It often skips it entirely. I tried naming it myself and putting the code in there, but that didn't work. It would still skip it.

    Does anyone have any idea why it would name it like this?


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    Re: Browser.Keys in Firefox Tests


    Before recording actions over the first text file, try waiting for some time until the new page is loaded. Does this works?

    If this does not work, can you send us the link to the web site with which the problem can be reproduced? Also, please let me know the version of Firefox you have.
    Best regards,
    David - SmartBear Support



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