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    Mapping Flex Application objects

    Hi, I'm currently trying out TestComplete 7 (currently user of TestComplete 6).

    I'm trying to map some Flex Objects, but in the properties viewer window, I can't seem to see any of the other non-display properties of Flex UI objects. 2 key properties I want to try to use in NameMapping are, "id" (currently the ID being shown in the properties viewer is a number, not the assigned ID) and the "automationName" property (which is used by the Adobe Automation API).

    It seems like without these properties, the only thing distinguisihing 2 empty textfields is their index, which is inherently unstable during the design phase. I was wondering if there is something I'm missing.

    David Lai
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    Re: Mapping Flex Application objects

    Hi David,

    I would like to note that we will implement support for the Adobe Automation API in one of future updates of the tool.
    Best regards,
    David - SmartBear Support



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