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    Considering moving from QTP 9.5 to TestComplete

    I could use some of your input as TestComplete users, and I am guessing that a good number of you are former QTP users, as well.

    My company's product moves forward quickly with new technologies, and our current automated testing tool - QTP - doesn't seem to be able to keep up with it.

    We are moving to WPF in many parts of our application, and QTP WPF support is very clunky. We also use a good number of custom controls (Infragistics, Xceed, etc.) that require additional add-ins or loads of custom code in order to manipulate them.

    I would like to get some input on your experiences with TestComplete and your overall opinion of the tool. Does it do what you need it to do? In cases where it doesn't, have you been able to force it to? How is their tech support? How quickly do they adapt to new technologies?

    In the end, I want to figure out if it's worth it to phase out QTP and replace it with TestComplete.

    Your input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Considering moving from QTP 9.5 to TestComplete

    Hi Kim,

    I've used TestComplete for 3 yrs full-time now. I'm the automation framework architect in my current role (across a number of projects on different platforms) and heavily involved in R&D to extend our common framework/infrastructure to make maximum use of TestComplete features.

    Currently I'm learning QTP as our crazy management team want to push for the mainstream product. I just go with the flow, but I certainly can't see TestComplete being phased-out completely [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

    Overall opinion : TestComplete pretty much works right out of the box (plugins are shipped with the product). Whereas QTP requires you to download plugins (eg., Delphi, Java plugins). TestComplete and QTP share the same core functionalities, like Record/Replay, NameMaps<->ObjectRepositories, Descriptive programming, Keyword Driven Testing, Data Driven Testing, VBScript (though TestComplete supports other scripting languages), etc.

    TestComplete's major advantage over QTP, in my opinion is "scalability". Soon a company will want to invest more in automation, and the relatively lower price tag means it's more feasible to scale up on automation efforts. For an expanding team, new licences are not an issue. For an increasing automation load, you can run you tests in parallel across a number of workstations, each one using TestExecute (TestComplete minus the IDE, costs a fraction only).

    Also, TestComplete supports distributed testing over multiple computers, whereas QTP seems to be designed to run on a single workstation. This is feature quite important when testing Client/Server configuration. You can be running a test on a client, then execute something on the server on a remote computer, then come back to the client to execute the next step, all done automatically.

    In terms of keeping up with latest technologies, TestComplete impresses me a LOT !! They seem to read our minds and when our company decides to switch to a newer version of a compiler, TestComplete already supports it in a new version. This is so true in TestComplete 7. Our company recently decided to upgrade to CodeGear 2009, which is not supported by TestComplete 6, so some of the tests didn't work. When I checked the specs for TestComplete 7, I was so relieved to find out that it now supports this latest version compiler as well!

    Tech support is A-class. Fast response, and really eager to fix your problem, rather than just close the support ticket, if you know what I mean. There was a time that tech support was so eager to fix a problem we were having that they requested for the problematic program to be sent so they can take a look. We were worried about the IP issues of course so we were a bit hesitant, but they're so eager to fix it that they're willing to sign an NDA so we can send them the problematic program. Well, we still haven't hahaha. But just to show you the level of tech support, focused on making the PERFECT Automation Tool.

    I can't say much about QTP as I'm still learning it. Looking good so far, though the User Interface doesn't feel natural for someone with a developer background like myself. QTP seems to be designed for those who don't even have the concept of a 'script'. Though it also has views for advanced users. Good point I noticed about QTP so far ? Well, it seems to cater for both non-developers (no scripting knowledge), and advanced users (heavy scripting).


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    Re: Considering moving from QTP 9.5 to TestComplete

    I will agree with dotTRM on the scalability. This is HUGE!!!!!!

    I tried a couple different tools, each of which didn't provide me with enough flexibility to really build a framework that will grow with my product.

    Currently I have a framework that will work across both Java, Windows, and Web applications. All I need to do is define the base process and I'm off and running. This means little or no time spent upfront in developing a framework for each project, you just build project-specific functions on top of what's already there.

    So having something that is feasible that I can work with is AMAZING!!!! If you want to get a little more complex, it can do that too.
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