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    Load Test Results Data


    When I run a load test, I see that the results are stored in a collection of XML files in a folder that looks like this: [ProjectSuite]\[Project]\Log\8_26_2009_9_48 AM 00_525

    In the folder, there is "RootLogData.dat", "Description.tcLog" and a number of files like "{7D2FD88D-E987-4B32-BF99-F029834CF88D}" These files seem to correspond to the Test Log, the Load Testing Log "Analysis" header, and a collection of Log messages that I write through my script for each event.

    However, the actual data of the test (i.e., User times, Connection times, and Request times) remains hidden from me. It is this data that I am seeking to find so I can actually analyze it.

    I think it might be encoded in some of the "{7D2FD88D-E987-4B32-BF99-F029834CF88D}" files, under a tag that looks like this:

    <Prp name="loadtesting" type="H" value="617162696E00000001000000B90900007801A5554D6 C5455143E33427F1918266A46D334CF624C899D99F7A68F61A C081D5A626BA93669A52E0079ED3CCAC8B4D3CC4C6B314FDB6 E0C9A88ADA84165618CC68D312C5089B2E8A27141E26F58E9C 2064DAC15512889312CEAF7DD37C3F407DCF826F7BE73CFFDC ECFFDEE396FAE7AD6FD50D36BF775DBD9D154BFADEDCD58492 D3164A58FE552394DD763A29E0509FE69046726BCBE99AB465 0FB6DCA99F34C3B4B787EC43BF6B1E6175950C81ACCC75FF1F 8F89E3D289BCB7BF5805E6506B869BE76C37B1AF2F1FD9ADF8 375E890EE51EBF24B93E9133F3713433DC7352456554ACC3B7 7C5085E19D3FC1BCC96CAF52FEA81CB978D2063D679A79D75C 0B79533FE82F83F2BF3CD62AF1EF80AE4CC5CEB8161AEC4BE8 37C9933C02A1F3891F6E669670746855764EE2F23780E83803 C7E29199201C9C97EE991287C0E43DA893D40C59117302D8E4 394A5CA49A7283B52E13D81D8D49F09DF25E6DB939575DE1BE 3E4E4F41F46F0F5F7269CA23E8DBD59E8660BF82560AE43A6C DA67DA96C7EC44A2792D6A0566F6CA58E3E89A74C5CE8CB07F C259AD6DEDF6EFA039E767C2AA44A1C9CF55E1E00CF012971A 14881EEC32A325A3A9F8973131EEFB8EEA3BE459AC042AB64A 45F4664506C709407479A589092787743B792BD3EC9824BEE6 760BB57D93EF6D39433F5C68423C38BE3ACAFEF21CF22D60C7 578029D562E6F67B5DE4CF6682E6FE5539921AAC5CD4E896AB A13336BA6F8A0186583E2D3AD0FEA59172F23DE9B1B279D339 B8B48F7DD00ECDFB8F3B70AEA4F81A14C1DB10D1BBB92559D1 F1CE136F5CCF5F36A915F9ED6033B764D94319F3C747307347 F1CEB7721DF7350F3DF87710AFDC2BA2FE6D7F5A01998A03D6 C97DB9F5D667FB160FFFE3788B7E5ACC3DE28DAFF83BEA88EC 5C2E6B6B0D9188E9B1954674C1A250CBE0765F8E61DCD7FE75 7B5A233E95B3CF3AFD6AAFDF993B595C16BB5951717DC1AF90 8B5C29E69CE9C746EC7D7B7BF1BC153E8B1E01DAE63F24599B AD5DC527F1E7822EFC73ECFECDC5DED2367355893B331ACDB2 017393B87F32FE7EC19DD0CD42FB3FDC225E3D04BE5ADBBE8B 7D7BCB473CBF3E757F0443D9F45F0E54A22572F887C5526F2C 97A111B3E7EC5C6051476973C818AED114D2290B2A8601B336 B382BA3A8DA7E4811480658D6FF0313467DE7700B63F0D4067 F3DF01C515686F8D0772DA8FA21FC6C78E49785AB26603BA0B 171772149481AFA51AC4AF83C56ECAF10BA86D200E423CACEC 0BDC7C5BC25B6478EC1A3AD70F43006AB08E64144781831FBE 1C3C2F972D8CBCB23E8E3BC1C468CB8F2B607485A334F6668E 0DC3A76FB55CEEE577104FBCCB20DBA5C0117432D8691D1363 5B32A995F1386895C89EE06C309F09258C5411DF2E1176318E 8087E6DC8F428B808DFF646C2AB6EC865378F3359CA770E5EA 22AEF38241DF123B8812CB2B610C75EE6B74E65F6A4E222AB6 E6100FBE49C67EFC4F99E432669FC2CF83091930E7DBD62833 D477F29E9C3BEADB8ED4466EDB20718B2A1DFD469D20B441FF 42B6B8B5FCE1658A70A5135F09345D43C06194F633FAA3C85C 1AC2EDBB1DA8E7523E438E4AD2A7FB2FBB507FF84AB2A8FB6B C3D0D27EE50C8D602033C1D334A4A838A10C39C40250CA8156 D1E8264A81B8C22721346149A47C1494FE136DD1EE1EC72C56 E61EE398CC33841084CB4E3BC910217CCF22968BBB0FF2C62F 33E9258EF46BDD24302D82E9CED71F0E7C6203A017FC3D0B15 643B24FD9E5C057B183D6B2C3382D3827EBDC864DA93AC8272 30D23367BCDAD06323008790C580B0CD8E8095D9DB16859ECC 2FFD759ABBDADEDE9A8BA57E6CFE1D9E47EBF3CF856512E8E7 F016C6BF8C6"/>

    Needless to say, this is not very helpful, unless I can interpret this code. Is it hexadecimal, perhaps?

    Has anyone cracked this nut? Are there any extensions out there that would help me process this data? I need to do something with it that is more efficient than looking one line at a time out of 7,000 records!


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    Re: Load Test Results Data

    Hi Brian,

    Please see our answer in the following SQAforums thread:

    Also, in the future, please do not send us duplicated requests (note that we reply to messages sent via the Contact Support form, AutomatedQA newsgroups and the TestComplete section of the SQAforums site). It makes processing your requests a lot harder for us.
    Allen - SmartBear Support



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